Reconstruction of Delaware Aqueduct Shafts 9, 10, and 17

Reconstruction of Delaware Aqueduct Shafts 9, 10, and 17


New York City Department of Environmental Protection
Reconstruction of Delaware Aqueduct Shafts 9, 10, and 17
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Steve Elie-Pierre, PE, (718) 595-6070
Project Description:

Shafts 9, 10, and 17 are major facilities on the Delaware Aqueduct water supply system. Shafts 9 and Shaft 10 control water flow into and out of the West Branch Reservoir, respectively, and Shaft 17 controls water flow into Kensico Reservoir. New York City entered into an Administrative Order on Consent (Order) with the United States Environmental Protection Agency to replace equipment, remediate the shaft buildings, monitor the water supply, conduct air monitoring in the shaft buildings, and implement worker health and safety. In addition to the Order requirements, chemical addition facilities will be installed to treat the drinking water on an as-needed basis. The facility improvements and security measures will result in complete refurbishment of the shafts and would ensure the safety of the NYCDEP workers, water consumers, and ecological receptors. Amay Associates provided the following services to NYCDEP as a sub-consultant to Malcolm Pirnie, Inc.:

Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling for design of stormwater management facilities at three Shaft sites. Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SPPP). New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and NYCDEP reviewed and approved the plans. Storm water will be treated before discharged to the reservoir by a filtration trench at Shaft 9, and settling basin followed by a detention/filtration basin at Shafts 10 and 17. As part of the SPPP, we provided hydrologic and hydraulic calculations to demonstrate storm water peak runoffs, pollutant loadings, detention time for 24 hours using center of mass method for the combination of detention filter systems as required by both NYCDEP and NYSDEC.

  • Prepared specifications for step-by-step quality control of implementation of storm water and erosion control during construction.
  • Provided landscaping design using New York State Storm water Management Design Manual as part of the storm water treatment practices.
  • Design best management practice for the storm water management.
  • Provide cost estimating services.
  • Provide design services during construction.
  • Interface with local towns and Engineers for SPPP.
  • Review and approve shop drawings.
  • Respond to Request for Information.
  • Provide Engineering liaison services.
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